Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Illuminated wall art with Dianoche Designs

I am pleased to share a new product featuring some of my artwork through Dianoche Designs.
Illuminated wall art, it looks like a regular canvas wall painting during the day, but it is has a light that comes from behind so that it can be illuminated during the night. A very neat idea. 
I currently have three images licensed with Dianoche, and they can be ordered in several sizes :11x14, 16x20, 23-30, 29x30 and range in price from $149- $449
For more info here is a link to My art at Dianoche 

White cottages and colorful trees cast long, late day shadows, all doubled in rippling river reflections. In the background a breath-taking view of looming purple mountains. Mountain scenes seem like a great excuse to use the richness of purple. The bold contrast of bright reds, oranges, yellows and greens against a large area of purple can't help but make you feel happy. I also wanted to convey the feeling of large open airy space. Cutting the picture in half horizontally with the water reflection gives a sense of depth and distance into the painting and creates a harmonious repetition of elements.

A vision of a winter landscape featuring tall trees and colorful cottages sitting upon a hilly snow covered ridge, overlooking deep blue ocean chill. When painting this winter scene I wanted to break up all the white snow. To do this I employed the use of colorful little cottages reminiscent of the type of multi-hued homes found in Newfoundland, the east coast of Canada. Long purple-blue shadows give contrast to the white while the organic curving lines of the trees work against the straight lines of the cottages.

Bright white cottages, colorful autumn trees and a repetition of fence posts shimmer in rippling reflections, a green grassy shore and pathway lead down to the water. To me, this is a vision of autumn last colorful explosion before the snows of winter cover everything in white, nature in all her glory. The water reflections add an abstract element and reinforce the composition using the repetition of the design.

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