Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!!!! Cheers🎄🎁
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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Some drawings I'm working on for coloring book pages.

Some drawings I'm working on for coloring book pages. I just love making these!! I work on a few every evening as a way to relax.
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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Season's Greetings everyone!!

Season's Greetings everyone!! These are the town's Christmas lights here in Port Stanley just down the river (creek) from us. I love this town!!
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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A visit from santa

   A visit from santa at the family Christmas, very exciting for the young ones!!🎄
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Friday, December 8, 2017

It’s official! Color of the Year for 2018 is... drumroll please...

It’s official! Color of the Year for 2018 is... drumroll please...⠀
PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet . ⠀
What do you think?⠀I think it's very purple-y. I would look great as an accent color with silver or beige. I really wonder how they pick these colors. There are so many great colors to choose from.  
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Thursday, November 23, 2017

FREE Thanksgiving Printable

Click to Download your 

FREE Thanksgiving Printable : )

Thanksgiving Printable Freebie

This month to celebrate the upcoming holidays I made a downloadable printable about being thankful.
At this time of year the idea of giving thanks combines both remembrance day and thanksgiving.
Think of all the things and people in your life you have to be thankful for. No life is without hardship and worry. Being thankful for the good times is a way to see yourself through the hard times. I always try to remember, 'this too shall pass' both happy and sad. Be sure to savor the happy when you have it.
Please enjoy!!
Cathy : )

To Download: click on the download button. You will be taken to the image. Right click and choose 'Save As'. Save it to a place where you can easily find it (like your desktop). Then just print it off and hang it up.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Three Pink Tulips Painting Video

I was commissioned by one of my previous clients to create a painting for a fundraiser auction for Cancer Care Manitoba in honour of Jackie Shymanski.

"The fund was set up by Jackie's former collegues at CNN where she was a war correspondent and by her friends at Cancer Care Manitoba. Ironically at the time of her diagnosis and passing she was the Director of Public Relations at Cancer Care Manitoba. Jackie also took a gardening postion at Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg when she returned from working as a war correspondent. The tulips in the painting honor Jackie's love of flowers."

I was asked to incorporate three pink tulips in the painting to represent her friends, and cancer fundraising.
You can check out the link below to the fundraising event
and donations to Cancer Care Manitoba.
The Event will be held:
November 15, 2017 at 6:00pm
DeLuca's (950 Portage Ave., Winnipeg,MB Canada)

Saturday, November 4, 2017

5 Myths About Buying Art


Part 3. Five Myths About Buying Art

I’ve talked to many folks who have misconceptions around buying art. In this article I hope to dispel at least a few of these myths. Buying art can be a perplexing and stressful process to the uninitiated. After reading this article and the accompanying linked blog post you’ll be able to consider yourself "initiated". If you haven't already read the first two articles in the series, please click the link below to get started!

(Link to Blog Series)

Myth #1 .....

Only Rich People Buy Art

This idea is a hold over from when artists had patrons who were popes, princes and noblemen. The myth continues to be propagated by elite art galleries that prefer their clients have lots of money so that they can charge them whopping heaps of cash to acquire the latest hyped artist’s work. It’s true that usually this type of art is bought for investment purposes, and yes it is typically bought by people with deep pockets. 

However there are other types of art available and places to buy that art that are more in keeping with the average person's budget and taste.That being said there are still general rules on art pricing. For example an original painting will always cost more than an art print from the same artist, and limited edition art prints will cost more than open editions (no limit to the number of prints, endlessly reproduced).

When purchasing original paintings, I’m sure you will agree that the artist must be paid a proper price for having created the work. This price can be based on many factors: where you buy the painting, the artist’s experience, the complexity and uniqueness of the artwork, the amount of skill and time gone into executing the painting, plus the ever changing variable, ‘what’s the market prepared to pay?' 

Given all those factors there are still original paintings that are within the price range of the average person. For original art, early career artists will typically charge less than more established artists. Smaller works tend to cost less. Sketches will cost less than paintings, but they’re a good place to start if you seriously want to take up art collecting with more than a decorator’s eye but don’t quite have the budget for fully realized originals. 

For many people the sweet spot between your eyes and wallet is art prints. Art Prints are affordable and something you can proudly display in your home as decorative art. Choosing images that you love will enhance your enjoyment of your home and therein lies the true value of art prints! If you want to know more about why art has value in your home, check out this blog post. 

(Link to Blog Post)

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sketched & ready to paint, 3 pink tulips

Sketched & ready to paint, 3 pink tulips art commission for cancer fundraiser.
For more info on the fundraiser goto
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Monday, October 2, 2017

All is quiet on the beach

All is quiet on the beach now that the hot weather has cooled. The town of Port Stanley is now returned to the locals and it's regular off season state.  I'm sorry to see the summer go, it's been so lovely our first summer living here. I've enjoyed the warm summer night walks to the beach with the dog. This shot is of GT's bar and grill on the beach. We ate dinner her alot this summer,the view is just so awesome!!!!
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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Oustdoor office

Sick of sitting inside in my office while working on the computer. I decided to drag the whole operation outside so that I could contnue working while still enjoying the river with my dog.  It's almost like you're not workng at all, that's the real key to work : ) 
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Friday, September 15, 2017

Sketching out a painting

Sketching out a painting. This is view of the river in front of our condo here in Port Stanley . I've been obsessed with this view since we moved here. I love living by the water and seeing how it changes over the seasons. I made a small sketch and then have redrawn it on my canvas. Stay tuned there is a video in the works of the whole painting being made. 
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Friday, September 8, 2017

Where to Buy Art

Part 2. Where? How to Find Art for Your Home & Office

The first post in this series was centered around 'Why' art is an important element to include in your daily life. (In case you missed it you can hop over to it using this link, as a bonus a free downloadable sunflower art wallpaper is included at the bottom of the post)

After reading the last post, and having looked around your home and perhaps finding your walls rather wanting, you've decided to go on a quest to resolve the problem.

 ‘Art’ of course is the answer! The next question you’ll probably have is where to get the art you like, at a price you can afford? The following article will give you some great suggestions that you may not have thought of. As an aside, not only are the following ideas for finding art great for when you're looking for something for your home, but you can also find many wonderful and unique gifts in these locals and have fun while doing it. 


Don't feel intimidated, it's only art

No doubt at some point, you’ve probably read a hi-brow article from someplace like architectural digest interviewing an investment banker in the process of amassing a large expensive collection of modern, perplexing art. When the average person is considering buying art, magazine articles such as these can be pretty intimidating. Take heart, acquiring art for your home isn’t rocket science The art you buy doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t even have to be an original painting. Viable alternatives can be art prints or even sketches, they are a very affordable way to have art in every room without breaking the bank.  


What you really want is something you enjoy looking at every day at a price that you can afford.


To start with you need to figure out what kind of art you like. With the advent of the internet it’s easy to do a google image search to find what you like by plugging in various art terms, ex. Colors (warm tones, or cool tones, red, blue, yellow?) style (folk, abstract, realistic, modern, traditional) subject matter (beach, landscape, still life, abstract). As you browse the images and think about the space where you would like to place your artwork. Are there any pieces that pop out as being of interest to you. Do you feel drawn towards a particular color, style or subject? If you find one you like, click the link and check out the website. If the art you like is available and you can afford it, your problem is solved. If not, keep track of the keywords that describe the types of art you like.
When shopping be sure to keep in mind the location where you’ll be hanging it, this will dictate the size(s) you will be looking for. One large artwork or several small ones hung together.

Once you know the type of art you want, the next step is to find out where you can get it either online or locally. 


Online Art Platforms- A few online sources are Etsy  (this is my store URL, but it’s my article and hey there’s great art there : ) !!!) Other places with lots of options are,,, etc., These websites are a treasure trove of unique and exciting artworks. Type in your keywords into these websites and see out what comes up.

Social Media- It’s been a recent occurrence that you can also buy art via social media. Many artists are now selling their art directly to the public on Facebook, Instagram or via buyable pins on Pinterest. Use your search words on the social media sites that you frequent. Once you find a few artists whos work you enjoy you can follow them via their social media streams. Artists tend to post to social info about their studio, new work, art in progress and possible upcoming sales.

Artist’s websites- Any artist work their salt has their own website in which to display a portfolio of their artwork and to sell prints and products featuring their art. It's a great way to shop from the comfort of your own home. I know most of my sales are done online. The best part is that you and the artist are not limited by geographic location. You can buy art from anther state or country even and have it shipped direct to your home. 


Online isn't the only place to buy art, go old school

When searching google for places to buy art most of the results that will be returned are for online venues, but what many people forget to consider is that you can also go with local art. There are many places to find great art locally. Trust me I know, as an artist of many years I have had art in many types of venues. This is how we sold art in the old days before the internet lol.

Art in the park- Most towns and cities have a main local park. This is where artists will tend to congregate on sunny summer weekends to display their art to park visitors. I have spent many a Sunday afternoon showing my art in the local park. It’s a lovely way to spend the day casually chatting as people stroll by. Type into the Google search bar “Art in the Park” plus the name of your town, and to see what comes up.

Café Restaurant Exhibit- Another place to find art is the local café. Many independent café’s invite artists to display their art. It’s a win, win situation. The artist gets exposure and the cafe or restaurant get some great art on their walls. I currently have work in a local restaurant through the art gallery I display with.

Public Art Gallery Gift Shops- While the local public art gallery may display exhibitions featuring high prices modern art or valuable pieces from their collections, their gift shop usually has smaller works by many talented local artists for sale at a reasonable price. Original miniatures paintings and hand pulled prints, pottery and many other small objects d'art.

Artist Co-op Galleries- Many public art galleries have set out mandates that tend to exclude up and coming artist in favor of more established artist, hence the advent of the artist’s co-op. A collectively run gallery space where artists take turns 'manning' the sales desk. Many tourist towns have these types of co-op galleries. Although the quality of the artwork can be uneven (meaning some great art and some not so great art) you may get lucky and score a wonderful piece at a great price.

Art Rental Gallery- Where I live the regional public art gallery has a rental gallery where local artists can have their work displayed for rent. People can rent to own or just keep an ever-rotating collection of art by renting several pieces on a monthly basis. The rental price is based on a percentage of the selling price of the piece. This is great for a person or company who hosts many events or parties and therefore needs art that is new, different or seasonal for each event they plan. Even if you're only looking to rent one piece it is a wonderful way to test-drive a piece of art, to live with it for a bit to see if it truly is something you want to look at every day. As an artist, I think it's a wonderful idea. I have several pieces of my artwork in a rental gallery.

 Art Fairs & Festivals - Every town has a least a couple festival during the summer months featuring food, music and local artisans. Peruse the artist's booths to check out what kind of art is being offered. You’ll find many different types of work and methods of creation. From original prints and paintings to sculptures and fabric art to more folky crafty wares like jewelry. The prices are generally quite affordable, plus you get all the fun a and entertainment of being at a festival.

Artist Studio Tours- Every town large and small that I've lived in has pamphlets for artist tours. This is a particularly interesting and informative way to purchase art. Artist tours give you a chance to see the studio where the art is made and to talk to the artist about the inspiration and processes behind creating the work. People, both artists and non- artists alike, are always fascinated by the art making process and how the artist comes up with the idea and then expresses it in physical form. I find the way other artist make work to be endlessly interesting, especially if they specialize in medium that I don't work with such as pottery, glass or sculpture. The bonus is that once you have acquired an art piece you also have first-hand information directly from the artist about the art piece that you can share with people who visit your home and see the work. Type into the Google search bar “Artist Studio Tours” plus the name of your town, and to see what comes up.

Estate Sales and Auctions- You can find some very interesting art via estate auctions. My husband and I picked up three limited edition art prints from an artist I knew but had passed away several years ago. The estate auction of one of  his collectors was the only way to acquire the prints. We were surprised to see them come available at a local art auction and so jumped on them. With a  quick search of google you'll find that there are many estate auction houses local to you. Some even have separate auctions just for art, and the quality of the art will be generally higher than a regular general estate auction.

From the list above you see that there are many interesting, fun and easy ways to buy beautiful and interesting art.

I’ve laid out many ideas here for how to acquire art. Many of the suggestions also come with fun agendas for getting you out and about on a weekend, festivals, art tours, art in the park.
The purchasing of art has for a long time been cloaked in an air of mystery and thought of as the domain for those 'in the know' and with enough cash to enable them to put together impressive collections. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The average person with a limited budget can still acquire artwork that is interesting and beautiful, art that they can proudly display in their homes.


Don’t get hung up on thoughts of your artwork appreciating in value. You’ll be looking at the artwork in your home every day so pick something you really love!!

What makes art truly magical and valuable is the communication between artist and viewer and the emotions that the physical work of art conveys. When you look to buy artwork for your home, be sure to chose artwork that will give you the emotional effect you desire and provide you with a daily dose of joy!!